Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday training log

Aikido with Patrick M. and Kel.
  • We are entering into the cooler part of the year. That means more warmup time and fewer falls on cold mats.
  • Tegatana with emphasis on the goofy foot heliopter pivot.
  • Hanasu - miscellaneous pointers, including trying for that beautiful, pure release feeling in #1 and #3, sticking uke on both heels in #2 and #4 and hipswitching and stepping instead of pirouetting in #6 and #8.
  • Chain #9 working on stepping inside and bumping the ovvbalance then continuing to the outside. This led us into working on the two fundamental types of motion (omote and ura) found in nijusan.
  • The atemiwaza (the first five) of nujusan as examples of these two types of motion. Gedanate was working exceptionally well today. Udegaeshi and kotegaeshi as cool ninja techniques of the day.

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