Thursday, December 27, 2007


Judo with Rob
  • warmup with the groundwork cycle. We worked on shortcuts from munegatame to tateshiho and from the guard to tateshihogatame.
  • randori - rob started out beating me a couple of rounds, once with a very uncomfortable face-down rear mount and the threat of a RNC. Towards the end I wore him down some and had better success. I then sprawled as Rob shot in and got him in a facedown position with a relatively wimpy collar choke but the addition of the sprawl submitted him.
  • osotogari working on getting the timing and direction of the individual pulls right.
Aiki with Jill
  • walking kata and releases
  • chain #3: wakigatame and kotegaeshi
  • nijusan wakigatame working on emphasizing the release feeling and brushing off.

Don't forget the Call for Submissions for Carnival #5.

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