Thursday, December 20, 2007

Superman vs. Batman

Judo vs. Karate...
Aikido vs. Judo...
Aikido vs... Karate...
How about Superman vs. Batman?

Couldn't resist it. Had to do it. Especially for John and Andy and Michael.


  1. Magic MMMjitsu RokudanDecember 21, 2007 12:19 AM

    Villains are stupid!!! I am working on a time reversal technique as we speak. Uke will be foot swept in the past so as uke tries to tsugiashi to tori he simply falls and can never break mai.

  2. Well being a comic book professional (I love being able to say that), I have to say this question is more complicated than it appears. There are many MANY different versions of Superman and Batman, different ages, parallel earths, etc. The simple and short answer is more than not, Batman wins whenever there is some sort of competition between them. The only version of Superman I can't see Batman ever defeating, is the one from Kingdom Come. Which is anyone says "What's Kingdom Come?" it's a story you can pick up in Graphic Novel form, drawn by Alex Ross and written by Mark Waid. PICK IT UP!


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