Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New nikyu

Judo with Rob
  • Footsweep to control
  • Deashi, stepping around the corner, hizaguruma, kubinage/ogoshi, ashiguruma
Aikido with Patrick M., Kel, Jill, and Cynthia
  • Warmup, ukemi, tegatana (emphasizing following-foot and shizentai), hanasu #1
  • Aiki brushoff from hanasu #1 on the far footfall and on the near footfall
  • Rokukata hikiotoshi as a brush-off and ushiroate as a follow-up to a spoiled hikiotoshi
  • Patrick M. did his nikyu demonstration. His shomenate, aigamaeate, gedanate, and shihonage were particularly excellent. His kotegaeshi might need some work.


  1. Congratulations to Patrick on the nikyu! Three new techniques for the next one, right?

    Do ya'll take many hiki-otoshi falls, or do you take roll-outs most of the time?

  2. That's right - three new things for ikkyu, along with some variations of those three.

    We always taught the fall as kata form of the hikiotoshi but lately I've been de-emphasizing the big falls so that tori does not feel like he has to force uke to fall a certain way to succeed at a particular technique. most times you can roll out of hikiotoshi - or even take 2-3 quick steps out of it - and it still seems like a success if uke and tori disengage safely and tori ends up outside maai and uke has a hard time coming back at tori.

    Of cource, for the artistic aspect and for uke's safety, uke should roll or fall as gracefully as possible out of the thing instead of taking 2-3 stumbling steps.


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