Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ninja hand-slap

Chris Marshall and I have been having a little discussion about reaction time and intelligence in martial arts. His contention is that you can train reflexes toward the 0.1 second mark, while I contend that a more normal average in the context of martial arts would be around 0.75 seconds.
Chris posted this really cool online reaction speed tester that tests how long it takes you to recognize a simple stimulus and press a button. It seems like most of the folks that reported their results took between 0.1 and 0.3 sec to press a button when a light is lit. I figure for a more complex task (like a martial arts technique) or a more difficult decision (like more than 2 choices) the reaction time would be magnified toward the 0.75 sec reaction time that my instructors have told me to aim for as a general rule of thumb. In any case, Chris' simple reaction time game sure has some interesting implications.
I thought about challenging Chris to a rousing game of Ninja hand-slap, but alas:
  • He lives thousands of miles from me, and

  • He scored way faster than me on the reaction speed tester, so I'm afraid.

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