Saturday, January 19, 2008

Personally, I like police

Dojo Rat has posted a great police video on his blog and has asked some good, thought provoking questions. Y'all ought to get over there and check it out and leave a comment or two. I thought I'd post here as a sort of Devil's Advocate ;-)
I've heard a police forensics guy say, "the problem with cops is they're always there when you don't need them and they are never there when you do need them." I've done some research with some of the wildlife enforcement guys here in Mississippi (one of the most dangerous LEO jobs there is) and they are woefully undertrained in combatives and maintain poor physical fitness standards. Dojo Rat tells a couple of stories like one about some cops that pinned a knife-weilding crazy lady with grocery carts and shot her because they couldn't figure out what to do with her. You hear stories like this all the time.
But I still like police. They are the good guys. The blue wall between us sheep and the wolves in society. Like any domain of practice, there are some cops that suck at their job, but overall, in my experience, the police I've run across have been well-trained, well-intentioned professionals. I know several of the local police and I had a particularly good experience with one of our local policemen (Officer Kenny) a year or so ago.
How about the following as a counterexample to DR's video. An example of well-trained, good-hearted policemen. This sniper took a lot of flak for this shot, as did his superior that authorized it. But they took this shot instead of the fatal one anyway.

So, what do y'all think? Have the majority of y'all's interactions with police been positive, negative, or neutral? Come on, I want to hear juicy details!

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