Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Realistic goals

In general, the advice to make realistic goals means you have to base your goals in reality instead of in fantasy - to work in probabilities instead of possibilities.
Specifically, it means to make goals that are actually within your control. Things that you have the ability and leverage to change. For instance, if I make the goal to “win my next judo tournament,” then this is not a SMART goal because it is not realistic. I am not the only one that makes the final decision as to whether or not I am the winner of the next tournament. My opponents have a say, the referees have a say, and fate/chance/Providence has a say in it. I simply don’t have the leverage to make that a realistic expectation.
On the other hand, If I identify uchimata as a weakness of mine that had something to do with me losing the last tournament, then I can do everything in my power to improve my uchimata and hope that that improvement carries over into the next tournament. My performance on a specific thing is something I can control to a great degree.
SMART, realistic goals are ones that you are in control of.
Don't forget the Call for Submissions for Carnival #5. The theme for this month is related to non-violent resolution of conflict.

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