Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Up and down, down and up

Aiki with Patrick M. and Kel
  • Tegatana emphasizing using relaxed arms as a measure of how well controlled your momentum is, synching up-and-down of center with up-and-down of arms, and complete hip turns in preparation for turns.
  • hanasu releasing into ukemi , ukemi as a natural extension/consequence of a release, catching uke's footfall and stretching your step to extend him smoothly into position for a roll.
  • chain #2 emphasizing up/down motion, extending release #2 upward to disconnect uke from the ground and slow him down, kotetaoshi, gyakugamaeate, release#2 into release #1.
  • Rokukata #1-4 making use of the stuff we did previously today.

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