Friday, January 18, 2008

Upcoming carnival deadline

You still have time to submit an article for the Carnival of Martial Arts Blogs theme issue on the peaceful warrior idea. The deadline is tomorrow (1/19) and I'll have the carnival up and posted on Monday (1/21) - MLK day - The United States' day of rememberance for one of its' foremost peaceful warriors.
I've already gotten a host of good submissions but there are some great martial arts bloggers out there who are notably missing. I'm sure y'all all have an opinion on the topic of peaceful conflict resolution - and I'm pretty sure I've seen appropriate articles on most of y'all's blogs. So you already have the material sitting out there ready to be re-published at the carnival - ready to create some more exposure for you and your ideas - ready to drive some new readers to your blog!
So go ahead and jump in with your submission. CLICK HERE to submit a post.


  1. Can/should we submit older posts, or brand new posts only?

    Is the peaceful warrior topic a suggestion, or a requirement? Thanks.

  2. new or old - either is welcome. Any martial arts related topic is welcome - peaceful warrior-type stuff is the theme, so most of the submissions will be on or around that topic, but there are several general articles in this issue.


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