Thursday, January 10, 2008

"What just happened to me" aikido

Kid's judo with Gavin, Whit, Mason, Knox, and Emma
  • ROM, warmup, ukemi
  • skipping alternated with a spotter flipping the kids from their knees into a side breakfall
  • Crawfishing out of the Referee's position
  • osotogari into kesagatame
  • a randori-ish exercise where partners move around in a standard grip and any time they turn their side to tori they get osoto gari'd
Aikido with Kel
  • Tegatana emphasizing putting feet under center instead of center over feet.
  • Hanasu emphasizing getting the releasing feeling, or as Kel calls it, the "what the hell just happened to me?" feeling.
  • Standing kokyudosa as a way to start teaching randori.
  • randori

Don't forget the Call for Submissions for Carnival #5. The theme for this month is related to non-violent resolution of conflict.

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