Friday, January 25, 2008

Who pays the piper calls the tune

I do requests. You pay the piper (with traffic and comments) and you call the tune. Let me know what you'd like to read some scintillating commentary on and I'll oblige if I can. The other day one of my faithful readers dropped me a line with this question:

"I am having trouble with sasae tsuri komi ashi. Any suggestions on drills to work on the timing? I am missing something bad on this one..."
Three things have helped my sasae tremendously:

  • Realizing that hiza is an early technique and sasae is a late technique. This means that a chance for sasae always follows a spoiled hiza. Practice hiza-sasae gently sliding your foot down their shin as they step then stopping them just short.

  • One of my instructors shows a hook on the end of sasae - so not only do you stop his foot short, but you change the direction slightly so they have two problems to deal with. Do this by wrapping your toes around the outside of the ankle and pulling back slightly with your foot just as you foot stop them so that their foot not only stops 1 inch early but also slides toward you 1 inch .

  • Practice the nagenokata form of the thing. This is the toughest timing problem you can have - doing it when uke is doing tsugiashi - you have such a short timing window between when uke picks his foot up and when he puts it back down. You really have to get your feet and arms doing the right thing and coordinated together efficiently. Practice this most difficult timing and everything else will be slower and grosser (wider timing windows) for you.


  1. I would like to read more about your approach to realistic application of YOUR JUDO practice. Not everyone else’s. I mean where are those vids of yours there? Maybe I missed something Pat.

  2. Let's say you have to train your small Okinawan village how to defend itself against marauding government troops. You have two days before the troops arrive.

    Your people have some farmin g implements, but if they use them in combat, they may face harsh retribution.

    What teachings would you focus on? Would you encourage the use of weapons? Which self defense teachings would you leave out?

  3. heh, I like those ideas and I'll work on them. Faik, I actually have a little bit of film I've been hanging onto for a while but haven't gotten it posted. I also recorded some new video a couple of days ago and am working on getting it up here. None of that film is really applications based stuff like you asked for, but i have some ideas for some short technical films.

    I'll also get on that question about the okinawan village. (that question sounds very Rick Fryer to me). I hope I get you an answer before the govt troops get there...


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