Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday's classes

Kid's judo
  • warmup, ROM, ukemi (including deashi airfall with a spotter), hopping
  • osotogari left and right every time uke sticks a leg forward
  • newaza randori starting back-to-back. The little kids had to get the opponent's back on the ground. The older kids had to pin the opponent on their back long enough to say, "Persistence means keep on going!"
Aiki with Bryce and Kel
  • tegatana, hanasu emphasising 1,5, 6, and 8
  • newaza #1-5 (Kel's rank requirement)
  • Rokukata ryotemochi ukiotoshi (with good success)
  • Owaza jupon and Sankata #1-12 with Bryce
  • deashibarai and kosotogari with Bryce

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