Friday, February 22, 2008

Boost your blog traffic instantly!

The evidence is in! In conclusion to a highly rigorous scientific study, I can now conclusively tell you how to improve the prestige of your blog, driving massive traffic to your site and generating high-paying hits on your ad placements!
Here's the super-simple, one-step method that has heretofore been highly-secret, known only to the top masters of the blogging craft. Get ready, because I'm not going to give it to you for $199.99 or even $49.95, but for FREE! Pay attention! All you have to do is:
>>> Link to<<<
That's it! That simple! Here's the proof: Take a look at the highly-prestigious Toplist rankings. Check out the top-ranked blogs and then the ones at the bottom. What is the difference? I'll tell you.
The blogging masters at the top of the Toplist (the Best of the Best) tend to link to more often than the lower-ranked blogs. For instance, of the top 10-ranked blogs, 50% link to, but of the 10 lowest-ranked blogs... you guessed it! None of them link to
I'm letting you in on this highly efficacious secret knowledge because I like you and I want you to succeed. Now it's up to you to add a link to! Do it today!


  1. I've been remiss. I enjoy your blog, but haven't shared the link love! :)


    Chris from Seattle writes: "Since linking to Mokuren Dojo, I have not once been attacked by a shark!"

  3. Patrick -

    Actually, I like to offer some insight into how to build really powerful page ranking, link popularity, and keyword ranking amongst our blogs.

    I myself through only two posts a week jumped to the first page of google in 4-5 months for the term 'traditional taekwondo'.

    Beyond that my blog dominates rankings for several diverse keywords pertinent to taekwondo techniques.

    One way to easily build up a very robust keyword list is to use the 'label' feature from blogspot in all your posts. Check out my traditional taekwondo blog. Look at the list on the lower right hand corner. This has been generated through a small but concerted effor to describe techniques within my posts.

    Other bloggers who want to use this same mechanism should choose to use similar keywords that I have used in addition to any others that are pertinent to their practice.

    Once done, use these keywords to describe your posts. Then, include a link at the end of your post pointing to a similar post with same label/keyword in my blog. Then go to that post within my blog with the same keyword and make a post there pointing back to your own blog post using an embedded 'href' link.

    This forms a powerful keyword network that will allow you to capture very pertinent traffic looking for very specific content.



    Bob from Hoosierland writes:

    "Chris even sent me a complimentary ham and jar of Tiger Balm for linking!"

  5. It was so easy! And it worked. Plus my athlete's foot is gone!!

  6. You're not a bad copywriter at all :-)


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