Friday, February 29, 2008

Class cancellation

No aikido class tomorrow, March 1, 2008. I have a Boy Scout thing to go to with Whit. I'll hope to see y'all Tuesday at either the 5:00am or 6:30pm classes.
You know what would be neat, in a sort of weird, gruesome way? If we could clone ourselves, let the clones run autonomously (i.e. go places with our kids), then grind up the clone's brain and drink it and get its memories sorta like a flatworm that is ground up and fed to another flatworm gives its memories to the eater. That way we could have some extra help with this parenting thing but we wouldn't miss out on the kids' childhoods like we would if we had a house-load of anthropomorphic android servants...
Just thinking. I'm sure thoughts like that run through your mind all the time, just like me.

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