Saturday, February 09, 2008

Everything's eventual

Whit is right at the proper age (7) to start asking the really tough questions - and he is precocious. Today we watched the A&E Biography of Anne Frank as part of his homeschooling and he asked, "Mom, are there ever going to be any more wars here in America?"
Her response, "We hope not, but everything's eventual."
Makes me thankful for the right to keep and bear arms. Makes me thankful for a mostly democratic, mostly upright political system (though Dojo Rat has warned us to watch out for the abridgement of those rights).
Makes me wonder just what is going on in Whit's head.


  1. Martial artists and students of history should know, that wars are waged by controlling access to information!

  2. ...the relevant implication being that neither the vote nor the gun are adequate self-defense against disinformation.

    If the first casualty of war is truth*, then what must we add to our standard self-defense curriculum to remain relevant in the 21th century?

    *See: "WMD, Iraqi"

  3. ok, Chris, I'll bite ;-)

    In my opinion, the ability to read the news from multiple sources and determine for oneself (without the help of a commentator) what is likely BS would go a long way toward solving the problem you're suggesting.

    What would facilitate that? A good 2-year course in formal logic followed by a good 2-year course of statistical methods taught by a non-government (i.e. non-public) high school, building upon a foundation of world history and language taught from the earliest grades.

    But it goes deeper than logic and free press. (again, IMO) You can't solve the problem that you are suggesting (truth being the first casualty of war) in an environment of moral relativism.

    How's that for a start?


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