Saturday, February 09, 2008

February kohaku shiai

Today was our monthly club tourney. Everyone did well but we mixed things up a little by changing the lineup. We added the rule that the winner from last month moves up 1-2 places to the heavier end of the lineup, handicaping him more and disrupting some of the advantage the guy in the middle of the line has. We also added a time limit to crawling man, so you only have to immobilize the crawling man long enough to recite a sentence (Today's winning sentence was, "Honesty means always telling the truth.") This time limit prevents players from being ground to exhaustion but it also keeps them from resting on the bottom - they have to stay active and stay in motion or they lose faster.
Congratulations to month's shiai champions:
  • 1st place: Gavin Jarrell (8 wins)
  • 2nd place: (tie) Whit Parker and Emma Jarrell (4 wins)
  • 3rd place: Knox Parker (3 wins)

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