Thursday, February 07, 2008

Getting better at randori

Kids' judo with Gavin, Whit, Mason, Knox, Emma, Quin
  • warmup, ukemi
  • galloping, sidefalls rolling off of stacked mats (easy as falling off a log)
  • leg-lift shoulder-push turnover to munegatame
  • randori standing continuing into pins
  • kneeling kubiguruma

In this video, among other things, you see a couple of pretty good leg picks, an exceptional aiki-like counter to a leg pick, a demonstration of how to absolutely NOT do a leg pick, a pretty good uphill escape from munegatame, a good, vigorous turnover, and an impromptu technique for dealing with the poor guy who wants to crawl out of bounds away from you to stop the match... enjoy.


  1. Man, those kids are having a blast, great program Pat!

  2. Thanks, DR. You knew exactly what I wanted (needed) to hear. I am exhausted this afternoon and your word of encouragement did me a world of good. An 'attaboy' goes a long way.

    I'm having a blast with these kids too, as well as having a run of extraordinary, fun, motivating, educational aiki classes with the adults. It keeps getting better.


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