Monday, February 25, 2008

The Holy Grail

Over the past year, the specific techniques that folks have searched for the most, leading them to my blog, have included:
That makes this set of techniques sort of a Rogue's Gallery or a Holy Grail for aikido and judo technique. To me, that tells you a little bit about your potential enemies (Sun Tzu says to know thy enemy and know thyself and you won't know defeat in 1000 battles). If they know any grappling techniques, you can bet they will know these.
I think it’s interesting to know what is on the collective mind of the grappling part of the martial arts world.


  1. Pat , for us non-judo/aikido folks is there anyway you find video or a photo to link to these techniques? I just love to know what they are.

  2. That was kind of a nasty teaser, wasn't it? Japanese names but no indication of what they reference... I've linked them up to some examples on youtube - not all of these examples are the greatest, but you can get the idea.

    Don't take the idea from me, though that you should practice these things without an instructor and a mat. You'll hurt yourself (That's the general 'you' - not necessarily just you, PF)


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