Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ju no kata

This is a film of Kano (I think, and perhaps Yamashita?) doing Junokata, considered by some to be the most advanced conceptual kata in the Kodokan syllabus, "the kata of the principle of Ju". Junokata bears little resemblance to much of judo that you see today. In fact it looks pretty alien in a lot of ways from a lot of perspectives. What do y'all make of this thing?


  1. I'll probably be stoned for saying this.. but aren't they doing aikido randori? Lol, that's what it looks like to me.. it's odd watching it though. Which one was Kano?

  2. My first thought was that Kano was the tori and Yamashita was the uke - but watching it again I'm not sure - but it sorta looks like them...

  3. Although it dosent resemble at all what we call Judo, it does show the principles upon which judo rest, which are body mechanics, balance manuipluation, fluidity and technique.

  4. Yay, Marks! you get a great big hyper-pat on your cyber-back for coming up with the right answer ;-) There's a lot to junokata - it's a great exercise for the uttermost beginner as well as the high black belt grade.


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