Friday, February 15, 2008

Judo by the numbers

Kid's judo with Gavin, Whit, Mason, Knox, Emma, and Quin.
  • warmup, ukemi
  • osotogari by the numbers: 1) stand next to uke, 2) stretch your leg out behind him, 3) sweep the leg. Worked pretty good with this crowd.
  • kesagatame, again, by the numbers: 1) knee on the ground, 2) wrap the arm, 3) sit on your butt, 4)hold the head. Again, worked pretty good.
  • uphill escape from kesagatame - no counting this time. worked pretty good except they had a hard time extracting the trapped arm, so I had them step over and pull uke to his back for a pin. This was good for a lot of grunting and groaning and energy expendature. Lots of fun. I even had kids where they would volunteer to be on the bottom of the hold-down.


Mrs. Red, Here are the links to the video I told you about. They sure are having a load of fun:

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