Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mokuren Dojo Yudanshakai

The following are the names of the students and instructors who have either earned black belts at Mokuren Dojo or who have trained with us for so long that I think they belong here..
  • Patrick Parker (6d aiki, 5d judo)
  • Mike Belote (5d karate)
  • Vincent Fernando (5d karate, 3d judo)
  • Greg Jefferson (3d karate)
  • Jamie Allen (2d aiki, 1d judo)
  • Brian Biggs (2d karate, 1d aiki)
  • Patrick McKlemurry (2d karate, 1d aiki)
  • Rob Belote (1d aiki, 1d judo, 1d karate)
  • Kim Venable (1d aiki, 1d judo)
  • Bryce Lumpkin (1d aiki, 1d judo)
  • Chad Morrison (3d judo)
  • Jennifer Biggs (1d karate)
  • Sam Brown (1d aiki)
  • John Wood (2d aiki, 1d judo)
  • Kel Feind (2d aiki)
  • Mario Melendez (3d aiki, 2d judo, 3d karate)
  • Andy Sims (1d aiki)
  • Jason Fortinberry (1d judo)
  • Todd Pierson (1d aiki)
Congratulations!  What you have achieved is remarkable!  Perhaps only one in a thousand students ever make it to yudansha rank.  But before you get the big head about your awesome accomplishment, check out the following reminders about the nature of the game we are involved in...

Want to earn your place on the list? Contact me at
If you got your black belt here at Mokuren Dojo and I left your name off or got your rank wrong - that's my forgetfulness. Call or email me and I'll get it fixed.
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