Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday aikido

We had no 5AM class this morning - Rob had a test to study for.
Kid's judo with Gavin, Whit, Mason, and Emma
  • Warmup, ukemi, spider-crawling alternated with big falls (teguruma) with a spotter
  • Osotogari uchikomi "by the numbers" sets of theee throwing on the last rep and trading partners. Whit was doing especially good on the osotogari, and hammered Gavin once. Gavin tried to whine about it but then started laughing.
  • Osotogari into kesagatame
  • Uphill escape from kesagatame. Mason was majorly out-doing the others on this escape with an excellent bridging action.
  • Crawling man

Aiki with Rick
  • tegatana emphasizing balls of the feet and short, conservative steps.
  • hanasu #1-4 emphasizing the feeling of release.
  • partner evasion exercises using release motions to evase and brush off lunges.
  • suwari kokyuho (kneeling freeform pushing exercise)

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