Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aiki practice and a cool knife video

Aikido with Rob and Kel
  • tegatana with emphasis on the goofy-foot pivots and turns in the second half of the exercise
  • hanasu with emphasis on synchronization
  • chain #1
We talked about aikido having about four major failsafes - strategies that you fall back on when something is not working. They include:
  • disengage and move away
  • move behind uke
  • hit uke in the face
  • synchronize with uke to limit his potential
Rob is having some cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile his knife-based knowledge (which is quite good and quite aiki - but just a different training methodology) with our aikido. He called it comparing apples to oranges. I called it getting stuck on the warmups to the point you never make progress. I don't know if we resolved it but I think it might be better. I don't think he isn't buyng into the aikido, but that he is having trouble reconciling how the two sysems seem to build up to the same thing through different paths.
We also talked about an interesting knife method that seems pretty viable and pretty aiki-like to me. (Watch out for some foul language on the film.) Rob had some commentary and potential problems with it. I think what I see there is pretty interesting because this guy talks all the same principles that we do in aikido - i.e. don't fight with the guy, disengage and run, control his balance and you control his potential, etc... I don't know if this is the 'best' knife system - but it sure is interesting.

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