Saturday, March 08, 2008

Aiki practice

Aiki with John J.
  • It was cold in the dojo (after our snow last night!), so it was streetclothes, no-mats practice today.
  • Tegatana emphasiding bringing recovery foot back under your center and same-hand-same-foot.
  • Hanasu #1-4 emphasizing relaxed, unbendable arm and moving the center behind the shield of the hands no matter where uke moves that shield. We particularly worked on #1 and #2 emphasizing how each flows into the other when resisted.
  • Shomenate
  • Kotemawashi off of release#3 as the cool ninja technique of the day.
  • A little bit of "crazy man" randori, emphasizing relaxed movement and "stay off me" hands and

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