Friday, March 28, 2008

Armbars for kids

The following is an awesome video of some kids doing judo. I don't especially like having kids this age working chokes and armbars, but that might just be my particular prejudice. The jiujitsu guys train kids to do this stuff and they swear it doesn't tear up kids. I personally only teach throwing and positional wrestling to any student of any age below about green belt because I feel the positional skills are prerequisite to good choking and joint manipulation skills. But in any case, these particular kids are doing a fabulous job practicing and demonstrating these skills. I learned a thing or two myself that I intend to put on Rob next week (so Rob, don't watch this video or you might spoil my fun ;-)


  1. wow, I wouldn't want to mess with those kids :)

  2. Somehow Dojo Rat and I tend to post on similar topics at about the same time. This happens a lot. He attributes it to a Vulcan Mind Meld. I'd hate to think that he has his tai Chi ninjas spying on me...

    Anyway, he posted at about the same time I posted this article, a good one on teaching MMA to kids. Check it out:

  3. Some great drills in that video. I wouldn't necessarily teach the "almost flying" armbars (where the girl was spinning in for juji gatames from standing) for judo competitors since it would probably result in their losing the match, but for fun, practice, and MMA/self defense stuff, I love it all...


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