Monday, March 10, 2008

Dog attacks

Here are a couple of videos about dog attacks. The first one about how different types of large dogs make best use of their natural attributes to bring down a man-sized victim. In the second video a policeman has to defend against a large dog and does a pretty good job of keeping the monster off of him until his partner can taze it. How would y'all respond to this sort of attack? What would you do the same or differently from the cop in this second video?



  1. It's interesting how we all get on the same wavelength sometimes. I just got an Aikido book- one chapter is about a guy that uses his Aikido to work with wolves at a wolf rehabilitation center. I was even planning a post on the topic, If I do I will link to your dog attack post.
    Very interesting and great idea

  2. I remember Karl talking about being attacked by a dog several years ago at clinic. This was, I think, after his knees were replaced, but it may have actually happened when he still had bad knees.

    In any event, he said as the dog came at him, he waved his hand in the air to draw the dog's attention and attack to the hand. As the dog lept at it, Karl kicked the dog under the chin/mouth and the dog went howling away.

    Karl stated his right to kill the dog in such an attack.

  3. Not quite as dramatic or exciting, a few months ago I had a mid-size dog who was thinking about attacking me in my neighborhood. If I turned my back to it, it would advance after me, but if I stared it down, it would stop. I walked backwards to my car (I was going to work), but was prepared to kick it (ala Karl and apparently this cop). Instead I just called animal control.


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