Sunday, March 02, 2008

A helpful handful: 5 ways to improve your aigamaeate

Consider the similarities between aigamaeate and aikinage (known in aikikai as iriminage). They are really the same technique - or perhaps you could say that aigamaeate is a form of iriminage. Here is a handful of helpful hints - some of the things I work with my students on.
  • Often in practice, aigamaeate is done as a more direct entry and abrupt atemi, whereas aikinage seems more flowing and roundabout, but either technique can be done either way. Try aigamaeate from a backing-around situation when uke interrupts your tenkan and tries to turn back in on you.
  • Because aigamaeate and aikinage are about the same thing, all the helpful handful for aikinage apply to aigamaeate too.
  • Where there two techniques really diverge is in the relative height of tori as compared to uke. A taller tori will often find it easier to strike over uke’s arm, while a shorter tori will strike under uke’s arm. Takng a palm to the chin from a short tori sliding upward along your body can be one of the worst experiences ever.
  • Aigamaeate happens abruptly and effectively when someone is trying tori out using snappy lead jabs and testing feints. If you see 1-2 testing jabs, get ready for another one and follow it back into uke with an atemi of your own.
  • Another fundamental version of aigamaeate is in response to a jo thrust – slip out of the way moving forward and outside the strike and clothesline or better yet, palm uke to the face while blocking and taking the jo with the other hand.


  1. Kristof from UkraineMarch 03, 2008 7:35 AM

    Dear Mr. Pat. Happy birthday! I wish you a good health, happy life & more blessings to come.

  2. Thank you so much, Kristof! I went to bed 38 and woke up all of a sudden a year older. Not only that, but I've just realized that I am now older than I have ever been in my entire life! Funny how things work...


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