Friday, March 07, 2008

Last night's judo

Kids' judo with Gavin, Whit, Mason, Knox, Emma, and Quin
  • warmup
  • ukemi - we're practicing their ukemi set (fwd roll to standing, face fall, left fall from plank, right fall from plank, backfall) in proper order in preparation to demo it to their parents at the end of the season. We also practiced sidefalls from deashi with me as spotter alternating with laterals across the mat.
  • osotogari uchikomi sets of three throwing on the third.
  • newaza transitions from kesa to mune to ushirokesa and from ushiro kesa to tate to ushirokesa on the other side.
  • crawling man randori
  • standing randori to the first fall with each player staying out until the entire class had done randori with him.
  • Somehow my students have gotten the idea that grabbing the opponent's legs is the thing to do, but they charge with their head down and often get smeared because of it(see the third iteration here), so we finished the class working on proper technique for shooting into a leg pick (level change, lunge, back knee touchdown and immediately back to feet, dumping the sprawled opponent off the side).

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  1. I have the same problem, and am constantly working to keep my head up and in.


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