Thursday, March 06, 2008

March Promote Three

It's that time again (actually a little past time)! Time to spread a little of the linklove around to three blogs that I especially like. This month's Promote Three goes to a trio of judo blogs:
To Dr. AnnMaria deMars, former World Champion, coach at the West Coast Training Center, Vice Pres in charge of development for USJA, and mother of Olympic hopeful, Ronda Rousey. I have very much enjoyed this blog and have learned a lot from reading what she writes.
To Ronda Rousey, a seriously bad judoka (in a good way). Her list of accomplishments goes on and on and her blog is very interesting. My family and I are enjoying watching her ascent toward the Beijing olympics this summer.
To Jan Snijders' Judo-The-Blog. Always interesting reading and good judo news from the "other side of the pond." I don't usually get the chance to promote his blog because I set myself the rule that I'd only promote those I outrank on Toplist - but hey, it's my rule and rules are made to be broken, right.

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