Thursday, March 27, 2008

PM judo and aikido

Kid's judo with Gavin, Whit, Knox, Emma, and Quin
  • Ukemi - and lots of it with me throwing/spotting Whit, Knox, and Quin for about 30 minutes before class started. Then the others arrived and we went through the ukemi routine for the parents' demo in about a month.
  • osotogari into kesagatame
  • quiet sitting counting sounds that we can hear.
Aikido with Kel
  • tegatana with emphasis on taking small enough steps that the heels do not strike or lift off the mat.
  • hanasu with emphasis on 'stay-off-me' hands.
  • chain #1, including shihonage, iriminage, and ushiroate
  • some various interesting techniques from Sankata as the cool ninja techniques of the night.

I am exhausted from the three workouts today. Elise, my darling wife, has gone to purchase me a bottle of whiskey to drink while I lie in a scalding hot bathtub.

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