Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Randori with locking techniques

Aiki with Kel
  • We've gone from freezing cold to temperate to too-humid-to-survive in about two weeks. Scott Z. would feel right at home.
  • Ukemi with emphasis on landing properly and slowing the legs down so they don't get hammered on the mat
  • Tegatana & hanasu as warmup - no particular emphasis
  • Nijusan #6-10 with the ukemi and pins (see this training log)
  • Chain #1 - the shortcut that contains the hineri-gaeshi loop
  • Randori with both partners walking into and out of gaeshi, hineri, mawashi, and wakigatame locks.
  • Rokukata maeotoshi and Rokukata sakaotoshi as the cool ninja techniques of the night

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  1. LOL.

    We've gone back to cool, and not terribly humid, for a few days.


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