Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Last night's aikido

Aikido with Knox, Quin, Rick, and Kel
  • Warmed up with the kids with a contest to see who could run across the mat in the silliest way. There was a lot of arm flailing and head wagging, hopping, and wiggling of butts. In short, good warmup.
  • Ukemi with me throwing/spotting the kids into the crash pad for about 20 minutes before class started. Then the kids bailed and the grownups showed up and continued with the ukemi in the crash pad, emphasizing forward roll falling from a reflexed position.
  • Tegatana emphasizing rapid recovery, bringing the back side of the body with you, and doing it as near-instantaneously as possible.
  • hanasu #1-4 emphasizing tori staying centered on the power hand and uke flowing with tori.
  • knife evasions, aiki brush-off, and stab-twice.
  • The brush-off led into the tantodori section of sankata, including the ushiroate brushoff, the udehineri, the kotegaeshi, and the stab-the-knee gedanate.

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