Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wonderful jodo and aikido sessions

Jodo with MytchiKo
  • Reviewed moving from pencil grip, which is her normal mode of holding the cane, into honte, gyakute, and sakate postures and measuring the distance to the opponent. She is improving on the measuring stick idea.
  • Worked some strikes - pencil→sakate→ushirotsuke, pencil→gyakute→gyakuteuchi (to shin or knee or extended wrist)
  • Worked on moving from pencil to sakate and using the structure of the forearms and stick like a cowcatcher to brush off and roll the ball.
  • Showed her a cool addition to the stab-the-foot move that she has been working on - if you miss, use the stick as a reference and step forward onto their foot, then use their reaction to roll the ball and brush them off.
  • I took out a quarterstave and worked some of the same concepts against Woodreaux.
Aiki with Rick
  • ROM and ukemi with emphasis on landing position and rolling back to standing smoothly
  • Hanasu #1-4. Rick has excellent motion.
  • Rick asked about randori so we played releases #1-4 in a limited randori, then started broadening the scope of the randori as we talked about the randori concept. The rest of the night was randori.

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