Saturday, May 31, 2008

Domestic Violence

Watch out. This video is so disturbing that I hesitated to post it, but it has an excellent, needed message. We wouldn't let our young kids watch it though. I want to comment on this video but it will take me a while to work up a comment. What do y'all think?

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  1. Not the worst I've seen. I was a case worker in social work services/child protective services for many years in Colorado and I've seen and heard things that would make your hair curl. Things like putting out cigarettes on a baby or crushing them was the worst. As a case worker, you have to build an immunity to this stuff in order to do the job. It's tough.

    The woman in the video was brave to finally leave. Many women don't and some pay with their lives.

    The patterns occur early in childhood with an abusive father. The woman is taught that is what love is. She then seeks out a husband that will provide the same sense of love and security. It is, after all, what she knows. The pattern gets passed to their children. It's a cycle of violence.

    It happens because society is tolerant of it. If society wasn't, they we'd put a stop to it. People don't want the gov. or other organizations in their bedrooms. Why would they? It does occasionally cause problems when those services have too much power.

    Domestic violence and child abuse is a huge and complicated problem. There's no easy answers.


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