Saturday, May 31, 2008

French curve

Aiki with Andy and Rick
  • tegatana x2
  • hanasu with emphasis on #6 and #8 being different arcs through space that you have to learn to follow with your whole body ll the way to the end without getting discontinuities. A great way to practice this is with fine fingertip pressure touch attacks from uke instead of grabs. This way, if tori screws up it is mroe obvious because uke comes unhooked.
  • shomenate and aigamaeate with emphasis on moving slowly and gently throught hte arc of the movement without adding a lot of random extra energy.
  • kotehineri and kotegaeshi with emphasis on flowing from one to the other (following the arc with your whole body just like in hanasu #6 and #8 above. we wound up alternately getting near and far kotegaeshi and everyone was flowing nicely.

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