Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting in synch and flowing around obstacles

Aiki with Patrick M., Kel, and Rick
  • Today we discussed getting in rhythm with uke, like Musashi was talking about in the passage I posted a few days ago...

  • Tegatana with emphasis on shortening steps to keep in synch with an external pace.

  • Hanasu with emphasis on shortening or stretching steps to get in synch during releases #1 and #3. From there we played with brushing off and disengaging. #2 turns into a particularly fabulous brushoff if tori stays light on the feet, times uke's near footfall and brushes himself off of uke.

  • Koryu dai ichi section B with emphasis on staying light on the feet and flowing around obstacles.


  1. You left out the best part, the discovery that in Aikido, there is a natural rhythm of towards and away that really has no end to it. It only ends when Uke is so destabilized that he falls away

  2. That was a really cool part of the class. All these chains, which are partially based on the koryu katas like we were practicing today, have these cyclic rhythms left-right, up-down, hineri-gaeshi, otoshi-guruma, etc... But today was (i think) the first time that I felt that toward-away cycle in a really distinct way.


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