Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm back!

I just returned from attending the World Head of Family Sokeship Council 15th annual Hall of Fame, which was held in conjunction with the Internationals Sport Karate and Grappling tournament. It was a very interesting conference, very well attended by a truly international group of participants, including folks from Britain, Israel, Scotland, the Cayman Islands, Germany, Canada, Russia, and the US (among other places). I got to see some very interesting seminars by some amazing martial artists. Among the people that did demos and/or received awards were the following two folks that have been featured on Human Weapon.

Additionally, having been nominated by 2007 Black Belt Hall of Fame Weapons Instructor of the Year, Bram Frank, I received an award for Master Instructor of the Year in Aiki and Grappling Arts. Quite an honor that they thought so much of me. I'll have pictures and more stories on that later, including a funny wardrobe malfunction.


  1. Congratulations! That is truly awesome.

  2. Congrats! Pretty cool if you ask me!

  3. I'm glad you had a good time, and congratulations!

    I noted that Seiyu Oyata was on the list of scheduled attendees. I hope you had the chance to meet him. My karate wants to be like his when it grows up. :)

  4. If i understood it right, Seiyu Oyata was not there, along with a handful of the international guys, because of some sort of visa difficulties, but I did get to see kobudo and kyusho and tuite demos by Stephen Stark and Bill Gossett. Pretty impressive. I plan to post in the next few days on some of the most interesting seminars that I got to attend.

  5. ...I did get to see kobudo and kyusho and tuite demos by Stephen Stark and Bill Gossett.

    If you got to see those two, you saw what my goals are, that is, they are doing exactly what I am trying to learn. Seeing them will give you a pretty good idea what Evil Conservative and I are doing in the back yard (I hasten to add that we are not even remotely on that level).


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