Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Knife class

Modular knife with Rob & Pat
  • 1-4-12 and 2-3-12 drills. I was beginning to flow a little in the first one - not because I know anything but because there is an obvious inherent flow, a structure to the game. The response to 12 in the first drill was awkward for me, but then Rob told me to think about it as if it were shomenate and it clicked. I guess that's one of the benefits of having the Instructor of the Year for your knife teacher ;-)
  • An application - inside forearm cut, hook pass into armbar...
  • Crossada - didn't really flow but I can see how it will with practice.
  • Some 2-stick patterns that really burned my brain up trying to coordinate them.
  • Had an interesting discussion about rebound and follow-through in jodo. Food for thought...
  • homework: practice turning the knife in hand and practice beating the pell with the 2-stick patterns

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