Wednesday, May 07, 2008

L.O.C.K.U.P. police combatives method

Here's a really interesting police combatives system that appears to have a lot in common with the aikido and judo that we do. Notice the things I found most ingteresting included:
  • The adjectives and descriptors that Lt. Col. Grossman (the first guy on the film) used to describe the system: "more than just combatives, the spirit, the soul of the warrior. Teachable in a lecture framework to executives... and substance..." How many instructors can claim that kind of teaching skill?
  • Reality based training, or as they refer to it, environmental training. Recreating the physiological responses and environment that occur in combat. I would really like to implement this. Anyone out there in Southwest Mississippi want to practice aikido or judo at night under a sprinkler with a strobe light? Let me know and we can play that one... That might just be something to play at the next ABG!
  • "We discuss everything that would be important to that officer right from legal aspects all the way down to the hands-on physical"
  • Gross motor skills. Good retention under duress.

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