Sunday, May 18, 2008

Striking training equipment

A quickie question for y'all that do striking arts. If you had to choose only one piece of equipment for your striking training, what would it be? Heavy bag, body shield, focus mitts, makiwara, focus pad, or something else?


  1. Focus mitts. They allow for more versatile & mobile training and feedback is pretty natural from both partner and mitt.

    If it was something I wanted to let students use solo though (during downtime or whenever) I'd probably set up a heavy bag.

    My next choice would be the heavy bag.

  2. I agree with the above. Although the Heavy Bag will allow for the most power to be developed, Focus Pads allow for so many training methods. Also by using a partner, defence and offence can be worked.

  3. My knee-jerk response was, "makiwara, no question. Nothing else is quite like it."

    But a few seconds later, I thought, "Well, it depends on the person. If you don't know how to build or use one decently, a heavy bag might be better."

    For what it's worth, I use both. In my personal opinion, nothing provides quite the same sort of feedback as does the makiwara. If your mechanics are bad, the makiwara is unparalleled in revealing that to you. But I do use the heavy bag--one of those Century things with the heavy base, mine being filled with about 250 pounds of sand--as well, especially for kicks and combinations.

    Perhaps it'd be better not to think in terms of "if you only had one." Constructing my makiwara took less than 25 dollars in materials and cost me an afternoon of digging. I bought the bag used for 35 bucks.

  4. I would actually have to say that if I only had one piece of equipment and I was going to be doing any sparring at all I would go for a cup.

    Nothing like taking a shot in the beans to remind you how vital that one piece of equipment is.

  5. you can use both heavy bag and mitts to develope punching power and explosiveness.

  6. In high school we used kicking targets and focus mitts. In college in one club we used focus mitts and heavy bag and in the other club we used body shields.

    At Mokuren dojo we had a hanging bag hanging on a Century Cornerman and it was great but it took up so much room that we took down the bag, moved the Cornerman outside, and hung flowers on it.

    One of the coolest pieces of striking equiment that I ever got to use was impact armor that you could suit a partner up in and abuse them mercilessly. Expensive stuff, but you get to go full blast. Can't remember the brand name...

    But for my money, if I could only have one piece of striking training equipment, I figure it'd be a focus mitt.

  7. For Wing Chun...probably a wooden dummy.

    I tried the body armor; it really changes the game...I was inclined to strike the areas without any armor. :D

  8. Definately focus mits for hitting, padded shield for kicking. I swear I am still going to build a wing chun dummy though

  9. I will differ with all: a timing bag. I will post on the reasons (there are many)!


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