Saturday, May 17, 2008

Variations on katatetori ikkyo

Aiki with Patrick M., John J., John W., and Andy
  • We did environmental training today - since it was so pleasant outside, we worked out on the concrete slab, mostly avoiding falling, in street clothes and with or without shoes as each person felt led to practice.
  • Tegatana with some emphasis on panther walking.
  • Hanasu with emphasis on #1, #3, and #5.
  • Koryu Dai Ichi section B (variations on katatetori ikkyo)
  • Crazy man randori
  • My arm is still swollen - but not like it was - and the rash has receded for the most part but still itches. Still working on the antibiotics.
  • John W. asked me for some help with organizing a teaching syllabus. I haven't forgotten that - I'll get it to you.

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