Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wrist techniques and floating techniques

Aiki with Patrick M.
  • tegatana with emphasis on sliding the feet vs. not sliding the feet. We also talked about how to hipswitch with grippy shoes on.
  • hanasu with emphasis on getting offline in #2,4,6,and 8 and emphasis on getting a releasing feeling on #5 and 7
  • nijusan tekubiwaza (wrist techniques) and ukiwaza (floating throws) with particular emphasis on the difference between shihonage and tenkai kotegaeshi. We also looked at the kotetaoshi-maeotoshi pair.
  • Ichikata part C shihonage variations


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  2. Hey Patrick,

    Is this typical aikido curriculum or have you developed your own particular organization (part a, part b, part c, etc.)


  3. matthew - this terminology that i was using is pretty standard for Tomiki schools and styles based on Tomiki. Ichikata is a set of 23 techniques divided into 4 sets based on some organizing principle. set A is suwari, set B is vriations on oshitaoshi (katatedori ikkyo), set C is variations on shihonage, and set D is 2-hand grabs


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