Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Basics and floating throws

Aiki with Patrick M. and Rick
  • ROM, ukemi (Rick overcame a major fear and did several of the turn-back tolls successfully)

  • tegatana with emphasis on leading with the center and keeping a feeling of being drawn upward into proper natural posture. The contrast between these two revealed a place on the turning steps where I am settling onto my back heel, almost into a wrestling-feeling posture.

  • hanasu 1-8 with emphasis on moving at ma-ai, putting hands up, and either brushing off or synchronizing or getting an offbalance

  • we spent a lot of time on evasions R1 and YK2

  • YK2→(maeotoshi or sumiotoshi) depending on whether you float with him onto his near or far foot. This was that super-cool, amazing sumiotoshi.

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