Friday, June 27, 2008

Cost-efficient convenient martial arts training

One thing that can really put a crimp in your study of martial arts is travelling expense. Face it, with the outrageous cost of gasoline getting ever worse, it's hard to make it to class week-in and week-out. Many people are having to work odd schedules just to keep their jobs, and it is increasingly common for the class schedule to not mesh with your dwindling personal life.
Here's an easy and cost-efficient way to relieve these problems. Instead of everyone going to the instructor, bring the instructor to you! Instead of a bunch of people using up their gasoline to get to some central location that is not really ever as convenient as you would like, why don't you get a group together, choose your own venue, and everyone pitches in a little money to bring an instructor in.
Sound interesting?
If you would like to hire me to come teach you aikido or judo, you can contact me at I'll work with you to get you some great martial arts instruction in any venue convenient to you, and at a price that you will like a lot better than having to pay for the gas to come to me.


  1. Pat, I would like you to come to Alaska, but the bill would be too much I'm sure.

  2. PF, It might be less than you'd figure if you'd get 20 of your buddies to pitch in...

    If you guesstimate a plane ticket at $1200, meals, lodging, and instructor fees, you're still coming in under $2000 - less than $100 apiece for you and 20 buddies.

    You could find an aikido guy in Alaska to go to, but then you're doing the driving. Or you could bring in a more local clinician to your venue but you probably wouldn't get the price much below the $100 that it would take to get me up there.

    I'm not putting the hard-sell on you, Potatoe, I'm just going through the exercise of the thing ;-)

  3. To continue with this vein:

    I'd have to have 20 people to buy in (out class has 6 or 7).

    You'd have to add more to the tickets since I live off the coast of Alaska (58 degrees North).

    I'm parsimonious (I'd put you in the back bedroom and feed you cereal three times a day.)

    Then we'd have to lie to everyone and tell them they'd be Blackbelts by the time you left.

  4. LOL-- I'd do it for the cereal myself. Let me know if you need an uke, Pat. :)


  5. i don't mind backroom sleeping and cereal - you might sweeten the deal a little bit with some pizza or something for one meal...

    And I'm sure that within 1-2 training sessions I can confer upon y'all a black belt in patkwando (for a small rank fee)

  6. I definitely could throw in some Pizza and maybe even some of our Salmon. But the PatKwonDo sounds like RexKwonDo from Napoleon Dynamite.

  7. You got something against PatKwonDo???


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