Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dan Gable, the man, the legend

The first half of this film is composed of clips of Gable-trained wrestlers competing. You can see some of Dan Gable's intensity and aggression in them. You can see it in the close-up of the tremors in his arm. The second half is a short piece of a documentary on Gable. The man, the legend, the demigod of wrestling.

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  1. When Dan Gable won the gold medal in '72 I was 12. I was a wrestler, my brother was a wrestler, and my dad was a state champion in Illinois. He also went to college on a 4 year wrestling scholarship. The only way I can describe the way they feel about wrestling in Iowa is to compare it to the way Texans feel about football. I never achieved what my dad did in the sport. But when you are in kindergarden and you know what a "High crotch" is, its pretty easy to see what Pops priorities are. Don't forget the other Iowa wrestler of that era, the heavyweight Chris Taylor.


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