Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dr. Lee Ah Loi's Tomiki Aikido book

Dr. Lee Ah Loi literally wrote the book on Tomikiryu Koryunokata - the set of six "advanced" exercises in Tomiki's school of aikido. Here she has a nice, crisp demonstration of the begnning of Koryu Daisan, which kata is also known as Goshin no kata and which, as she remarks, bears great semblance to kodokan Judo's Goshin Jitsu (also developed by Tomiki Sensei).

This book makes an excellent reference, particularly after you get significantly far along in the fundamental material like Junnahon Kata (or Nijusanhon Kata) and Owaza Jupon. I refer to her book before almost every class as a reference for the "cool technique of the night." If you would like to purchase a copy of Dr. Lee's book, please check out my Amazon bookstore:


  1. Pat,
    Why is it we never see any judo techniques from the Tomiki guys? And why is it that that they supposedly do randori, but somehow manage to not do any with empty-hand aikido techniques against each other? All i see from them is tanto randori.

  2. good questions. i'm probably biased because in our group we almost only do hand randori, which is similar to a lot of the push hands i've seen, and we only occasionally do knife randori.

    the tomiki guys have some other forms of randori more like tradtional aikido where you have defined uke and tori and a defined level of resistance. but the only form of competitive randori you see these guys do is knife randori.

    if i'm not mistaken, i remember seeing an extraneous judo technique here or there in tanto randori.

    but as to why for the most part you don't see judo techniques from the aiki guys - that's another, longer matter, and I'll try to answer it in a post within the next couple of days.

  3. Pat,
    Thanks for that. I look forward to your response.

    When I heard they did randori and had blended judo and aikido, I became quite excited. I thought that they had figured out a way to cancel the weaknesses in each of those styles by combining them. Makes perfect sense to me. But instead, they've ended up with something else.

  4. here's my response...




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