Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Embarassing Exercise Lesson #1...

Today I was discussing some training something-or-other with one of our trainers and I mentioned burpees. He asked me what that was and I tried (unsucessfully) to explain two or three times and then did one to demonstrate. My pants bound on my massively muscled thighs and the seam split across my bulging buttocks all the way from the waistband to the inseam under the crotch.
The moral of the story...
...Never demonstrate burpees while wearing slacks...


  1. We call those Toasters and do them rapid-fire, down on our fists.

    But I would never try them with slacks on either!

    Some people readily identify with the term Squat Thrusts.

  2. I remember having a buddy aim a poor kick at me and hooking my gi trousers and as he fell towards me he pulled my pants down. This was in a class that happened to have kids in it. I think they are experiencing PTSD now.

  3. duck walks with slacks isnt pretty either!



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