Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rank tests this Saturday

Aikido with Patrick M., Rick, and Alan
  • ROM, ukemi, tegatanaX2, hanasu #1-4 in detail with variations and emphasis on ping and brushoff.
  • shomenate and variants, including 2-hands to the face (inside control) or the wrong-handed shomenate brushoff from gokata.
  • dropping onto uke's front leg and hiding the head. Discussed not living here, but using the level change to stay safe and look for an out. Try thinking about this technique as dropping into a sprinter's start.
  • ran through all of nijusan with Patrick M. once
Saturday will be rank test day. For Rick, gokyo demo - tegatana, hanasu #1-4, niusan #1-2. For Patrick M. ikkyu demo - tegatana, hanasu, all of nijusan.


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