Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Attackproof/Kichuando anyone?

This is interesting from a kinesiology point of view. Have any of y'all had any contact with these AttackProof/kichuando guys? Anyone read the book? What do y'all think?


  1. it looks like a form of up close knife fighting minus the knives.

  2. I can't disagree with the points raised in the video, however...

    If this reflected the state of the art in American martial arts training, I would really be disappointed. First you learn the rules, then you break them: this is the principle of all artistic endeavors, is it not? So if someone hasn't reached the second stage in their "traditional art", I'm not sure they are qualified to invent a new system--much less one crafted to address the flaws in their personal understanding of the previous one.


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