Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Floating throws

Aiki with Patrick M.
  • ROM, ukemi with emphasis on falling/rolling as natural extension of a step that has been extended as in a floating throw
  • tegatana with emphasis on constant, standard-sized steps as opposed to extended (floating) steps
  • hanasu with emphasis on tori blending, following, and extending one of uke's steps.  We especially worked this idea with releases #2 and #4 because these are the releases that set up the floating throws at the end of Nijusan.
  • Floating throws including kotetaoshi, maeotoshi, sumiotoshi, and hikiotoshi.  Because of Patrick's 1-armed aiki, there appears to be only one of the sumiotoshi variants that he ever gets into and he is unable to do hikiotoshi without great modification.  He ends up doing a guruma version of ushiroate from owaza in place of hikiotoshi and it works great!  We played with tenchinage as a variant of sumiotoshi a little bit.
  • Cool technique of the night was suwariwaza menuchi tekubiosae.

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